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Book translation is a very special translation service. Whether it is fiction, educational, scientific, or business literature, the author invests into his creation not only his mental and physical resources but also often his heart, hoping to bring pleasure and benefit to general readers, convey an idea, share an experience, and of course to be appropriately compensated for his labour.

This means that the translator’srole carries with it considerable responsibility: at the very minimum, his translation needs to properly convey the meaning and style of the book; however, ultimately, it should help the author speak to the readers, as if the book was written in the target language.

We are well aware of the importance of the translation for the book’s success and the author’s international reputation, and also for returns on the publishing investments.
We’ll explain you what the book translation entails and what you should pay attention to when selecting a service provider.

What’s Important

It goes without saying that, whatever the book may be about, the material should be presented as simply and clearly as possible. Naturally, it’s the author who decides what to present to the reader and in what style, but poor translation choices may render the book less comprehensible and thereby affect its fate. Literary translation must be performed by a native speaker of the target language―only this way the book will achieve a proper connection with the target audience.

We will select an appropriate translator, who will be a native speaker of the target language, with professional knowledge of the source language. We will also make sure that the translator is experienced in the subject matter of the book to be able to produce its high-quality translation.

What’s Difficult

The impeccable knowledge of the language is not enough for translating literature, especially fiction. Both the translator and the editor (the person responsible for checking the text for semantic, stylistic, and other errors) must have a degree in literature and/or be at least an amateur writer in order to reflect the style and atmosphere of the manuscript, the author’s sense of humour, artistic techniques, etc.


Book translation is certainly a laborious and long-term process. Absolute confidence in the success of the project is essential when choosing a translator. Freelancer services may cost less; however, since translation will take time, there is no guarantee that you will not be left with just a fragment of the book, needing to search for yet another translator. Moreover, as you may know, finishing the job for someone else is a thankless task, and, as a result, the quality, the timing, and your budget may be affected.

Profpereklad assumes responsibility for complete, accurate, and timely translation of books. You can safely entrust us with even the most voluminous projects—we will complete them 100 % and within the shortest possible time.

We actively use our project management system and have an extensive experience completing projects as a team. We ensure cohesive style and consistent terminology through:

  • Advanced software, in particular, the translation memory technology that enables us to save developments on the project and serves as some sort of a terminological reference for all the translators involved in the project.
  • Editorial revision of the completed translation.
  • At this stage, all parts of the book which have been translated by different people will be painstakingly consolidated into one piece. No discrepancies or errors will be allowed.


It is important to consider the region that the book is intended for. As you know, English is spoken in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia, and Spanish in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia among other regions. However, having your book translated into English and Spanish will not be enough for your book to succeed in any of these countries. Each region has its own subtleties—not only linguistic (dialects, slangs, established expressions, etc.) but also historical, cultural, and religious ones. It must be taken into consideration.

Check out our approach to multilingual localisation here.

At Profpereklad, we believe that publication must be adapted to specific needs of each individual country. We instruct our translators to follow the adaptation guidelines and carefully check the translated manuscript for regional compliance before we deliver it to the client.

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