Multilingual Localisation in Marketing

If you want to sell your goods and services in a foreign market, you will need your marketing and product documents translated into the foreign market’s language.

Having collaborated with over 200 Ukrainian producers and manufacturers, we have developed document-specific translation strategies. This way, we are able to offer our clients the best solutions for high-quality translation products at reasonable prices. After all, your product localisation expenditure must have a ROI (return on investment).

We have a considerable experience in translation of different types of documents for the products entering foreign markets. In particular, we translate:

  • Marketing materials: Price quotes, brochures, cases, catalogues, information graphics, email newsletters, and content for social media;
  • Websites and landing pages (including support for uploading your website translation);
  • Product documentation: Instructions for use, maintenance, installation and setup;
  • Video materials (including voice-overs by native speakers or localised subtitles);
  • User materials and tutorials, training modules for sales staff and maintenance team;
  • Workflow processes, procedures, regulations and standards;
  • FAQ and user-generated content;
  • Promotional videos and marketing campaigns;
  • Legal documentation, including GDPR-related documents.

Over the past decade, we have collaborated with the largest Ukrainian and international companies, assisting them in the process of localisation of their marketing content to new locales. Marketing localisation goes beyond a mere translation, as it often involves market research, brand validation, cultural consulting, and copy writing. We call this process “copy adaptation” or “transcreation”.

Copy Adaptation

Our clients often ask us to translate marketing material that contains puns, wordplay, alliterations, Twitter posts, or other creative techniques that require us to take an imaginative approach to translation. The goal of copy adaptation is to convey the idea, meaning, and concept of the brand message and recreate it with the local voice in mind.

Our multilingual marketing teams produce translations that maintain the tone and style of the source content in a way that is effective, appropriate, and natural for use in the target market.

In other words, copy adaptation is a free-style process of creative translation, or transcreation, which expands upon translation by taking a concept in one language and recreating it in another.


At Profpereklad, we define creativity by our ability not to translate but to interpret your source copy and express it in a vibrant, playful way in the target language.

We focus our creative energy on how to make your message resonate with the local audience. This means taking risks in our choices of words as we look for new ways to make your message resonate.

We will provide you with the translation that will sound fluent and natural to the target audience. It will reflect a “spoken language” rather than a “written language”. Relying on a decade-long experience, our marketing teams will be able to create and deploy your advertising and marketing content to ensure you are firmly put in control of your brand message.

Localisation: What does it mean and what makes it different from translation?

Localisation means translation and adaptation of your content for a specific region and target audience with account of the cultural peculiarities and subtleties of consumer behaviour.

For your localisation projects, we will engage only those native speakers who reside in the target region. Your marketing material will be not only translated but also modified and adapted so that it is properly conveyed to the target audience, thereby assisting you in achieving your business objectives.

Only native speakers are able to create a truly creative copy of the marketing material, with no “accent” betraying the origin of the text. Localisation by native speakers rather than standard translation of your marketing materials and/or your website is of paramount importance as your company’s sales and, in the longer run, your company’s success in the new market will depend on them.

Localisation (translation plus adaptation) makes it possible not only to properly convey the meaning of your content, be it marketing material or software interface, but also to appreciate the cultural differences and find the proper tone of voice for communicating your brand in a foreign language.

We offer localisation services by native speakers in more than 50 languages.
We offer translations from Ukrainian into English, from Spanish into Italian, from German into English, from English into Japanese, and for many other language pairs. You can learn more about the ins and outs of website localisation here.

Find out how we have successfully completed the localisation of the best job search website in Ukraine from Russian into English at

When reading about translation and localisation, you may have encountered the following terms:

  • Globalisation;
  • Internationalisation, or i18n;
  • Localisation, or l10n.

Their meanings and the differences between them may be confusing, so we will explain what they are.

Let’s start with the strange abbreviations “i18n” and “l10n”.
They mean “internationalisation” and “localisation”, respectively, and the digits in the abbreviations stand for the number of letters between the first and the last letters in the word.

As for the meanings of the terms themselves:

Globalisation refers to the process of bringing a product into the global market. Internationalisation, localisation, and translation are the stages of product globalisation.

Internationalisation means the process of technical and organisational adaptation of the product to different languages and locales. An example of internationalisation may be a website that has been modified so that to support its versions in different languages while catering for the local differences.

Localisation means the process of translation and adaptation of content to a specific region and target audience with account of the cultural differences and the consumer behaviour patterns. Profpereklad has a solid experience in multi-language localisation for Ukrainian companies exporting their goods and services.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your company’s localisation needs.

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