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As a rule, the services of a regular professional translator are sufficient for the translation of the vast majority of texts. However, there are situations when one cannot do without a native speaker’s input.

A native speaker is a person who was born, grew up and obtained his or her education in a country where the target language is the official language and, by consequence, the native language of this person. In other words, the native speaker translator is a translator who translates into his mother tongue. Native speaker translators usually have a slightly better feel of the culture of speech and its stylistics and better understand its unwritten rules (slang, for instance).

A native speaker translation is particularly recommended when the correct reception of the text is of particular importance to the client. Usually this is the case when launching a product in a new market, i.e. when it is necessary to adapt its brand name, the marketing material (slogans) and other similar information to the cultural and language features of a specific country. Mistakes in such types of translations and failed adaptations may not only become the standing joke of potential buyers, but also force the product off of the market.

In this context, the chocolate bar “Wispa” (“small pox” in Ukrainian) comes to mind. To this day, it remains a standing joke among many Ukrainians.

Use translation by a native speaker for the success of your brand

We are confident that if the manufacturers had resorted to a native speaker, an incident such as “Wispa” could have been easily averted.

We work with professional native speaker translators from many countries, i.e. more than 40 foreign languages. These translators have high proficiency in Russian or Ukrainian, so they can understand the source text perfectly and provide a high quality and adequate translation, adaptation or editing.

The pricing for a native speaker translation is calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on deadlines as well as text difficulty and size.

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