Many companies when choosing a language service provider, finding a trustworthy company is not sufficient. In accordance with corporate standards, a tender or request of price offers is required. We will be glad to send you our tender offers on time and in conformity with all required and necessary procedures.

According to statistics, we win 72% of all tenders that we take part in. These results have been assured by virtue of our company’s flexible policy in relation to contract terms and irreproachable quality of our translations and service.

Why Is It Worth Working With Us?

We are a language service provider that specializes in working in the B2B market, i.e. corporate clients. We know and conform to all of our clients’ requirements, from translation terminology to correct procedures for statements and accounting documents. And of course, confidentiality is a major asset.

When you decide to choose our company, you are guaranteed a reliable language service provider, and consequently, your work to carry out the tender will not be in vain and a repeat tender will not be necessary.

In our work, we had to deal with an interesting case relating to a big Ukrainian company that is familiar to every single Ukrainian. Two years in a row, we were losing this company’s tenders as the company was choosing a provider that was making offers at a much lower price. However, the company was ending up with low quality translations. When the employees of the company finally decided that they had enough re-doing the low quality translations, they came to us at the recommendation of their partners to conclude contracts outside of tender procedures, as their method for carrying out tenders had not been justified.

Request a Tender

Your invitation for a tender offer can be sent by email or using the form below.

Methodological Recommendations for Organising a Tender

So you have never had to organise procedures for buying a language service. Do not worry. We will be glad to assist you in figuring out what you should pay attention to when formulating a request for tender and evaluating the offers.

We will instruct you on how to hold a tender properly so that the results correspond to the needs of your company and the chosen provider meets the required level of quality at a competitive price.

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+48 (22) 389-52-46
16-22 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Str., 12th floor (“Kyivproekt” building)
Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine
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  • Highly specialized translators, editors

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  • Notarization of translation and copies
  • Notarization of translation in a foreign language

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  • Excellent recommendations from clients
  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous
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