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Where Can You Get a Quality Translation for Less?

These days you can find a lot of language service providers in any city. Nevertheless, the prices differ severalfold from one agency to another. Of course, everyone wants a translation for less. But it is important to remember the proverb “buy once, cry once”. This proverb is especially relevant when translating vital documents.

What is in a translation, you might ask. However, not every company approaches its work responsibly. From our experience, we often hear stories form clients that confirm this thesis. One of our clients required a translation of a certificate of completed secondary education so his daughter could apply into a university abroad. He went to the first agency he came across and the translation was performed with several mistakes including translating his daughter’s name as Maria. For a layperson there does not seem to be a problem. However, in accordance with transliteration rules, the daughter’s name should have been written as Mariia. Just a letter and yet the difference in spelling between the translation and her passport resulted in the university refusing her application.

The client came to us to re-translate the document so his daughter can apply again. Consequently, her documents were accepted and his daughter left in September to attend the university of her dreams.

Another case from our experience: another unprofessional agency translated into English and notarized a document for a client. The notarization seal was in Ukrainian and obviously no one was able to make it out abroad. The client’s application for a permanent residency was refused.

The client got in touch with us and we provided a translation and notarisation in English. As a result, his documents were accepted.

We also came across situations where clients received translations without apostilles when in fact an apostille was required. Such documents had no legal effect without an apostille abroad.

The client contacted us and we promptly affixed an apostille and sent him the document abroad with a courier express service.

Translation of documents, a happy future guaranteed

It is widely known that translation of documents is often required for permanently moving to another country. It is very likely that you will have to use the translation for the rest of your life. That is exactly why the quality of the translation and its proper preparation in this case is not an occasion for taking a risk.

The employees at Proftranslation are glad to help you. Years of operating on the market have allowed us to fine-tune our process so that we are able to offer our clients an advantageous price, high quality results and short delays.

A competitive feature of our company is our distance service. In short, if you need a translation, you do not need to come to our office. All you have to do is get in touch with us by email or Skype, send a scan of the original document and receive the result by email or with our courier service directly to your home.

We will be glad to help with the translation of:

  • diplomas and certificates of completed of secondary education;
  • birth and marriage certificates;
  • passports and certificates of no criminal record;
  • powers of attorney;
  • court rulings;
  • employment record books;
  • certificates of no impediment to marriage;
  • applications for request of travelling with children abroad;
  • certificates from various institutions;
  • CVs;
  • articles from scientific publications;
  • books and brochures.

Do not put off for tomorrow, order a translation today so that the cherished future of your dreams can become your happy present at the click of a finger!

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Why We Are Really the Best
In 7 years of operating we were able to adjust and fine-tune the process in a way that allows us to offer our clients excellent quality, low prices and short delays. There is no reason to look any further for a translation.
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