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Who has not at least once in his life found himself in need of a document translation followed by attestation by a notary public?

Usually a translation from Ukrainian and notarization of a document are required for submission at an embassy or for use in another country where the person will study, work, get married or permanently reside. Translation of foreign documents into Ukrainian and notarization might be required for submission to Ukrainian government bodies with the aim of obtaining authorization for work, an identification code, marriage or other purposes. In addition, notarization is also often required for translations of registration documents of non-resident companies.

Here, like in other legal matters, there exists a large number of rules and intricacies that only professionals fully grasp.

Key particularities when notarizing a translation:

  1. The translation should be carried out by a qualified translator, otherwise the notary public is not authorized to certify the signature of the translator;
  2. When notarizing, the translation should be sewn to the original document or a copy (depending on the type of document) in a specific order;
  3. When certifying a translation sewn to a copy of the document, the notary public has, in addition to certifying the signature of the translator, the right to certify the copy as a true copy of the primary document;
  4. There are strict rules for the procedures relating to certain documents. For instance, for the certification of the translation and copy of the employment record book, the holder of the book is required to sign the first page. There is a number of such particularities relating to other documents;
  5. In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, certification by a notary public should be in the Ukrainian language; however, if the documents are intended for use abroad, we can provide a supplementary translation of the certifying inscription to avoid problems with the translation abroad;
  6. The Ministry of Justice sets strict rules for notaries public for certifying documents and can refuse to accept documents for apostille if those rules are not observed. You can find out more by contacting our managers.

A notarized translation is an official document. The slightest error or inaccuracy can substantially complicate the document holder’s life. Do not take that risk; let a professional handle it!

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