For us, 2017 became a stage in the development that, once complete, helped our business get to a whole new level. New challenges, new ideas, new technologies—it all helped us vastly improve the company’s operation.

1. Proftranslation LSP is the only Ukrainian company included in the TOP 20 language service providers of Eastern Europe by Common Sense Advisory.

2. We took part in LocWorld (Barcelona) and Elia (Bucharest) international linguistic conferences.

These respectable international conventions for language service providers, technologies and translation gave us an opportunity to exchange best practices with foreign peers, to take advice from industry leaders and find out about new trends and solutions in the field of professional translation. Many of the things that we learned during those conferences are already used or being implemented in our company.

3. The OKR goal management system is up and running.

Our company has been using the Objectives and Key Result management system (OKR) for over a year now. This approach proved to be highly effective in the international market. The OKRs are used by Google, LinkedIn and Zynga. This goal management philosophy makes it possible to respond very flexibly to market changes while staying focused on the important business goals.

Here, you can find some useful information to get familiar with the OKR. If you want to know more about our company’s experience, we will be pleased to invite you and share our best practices.

4. Scrum project management was introduced.

Scrum is a project management framework based on time management principles. Its main idea is that all interested people are involved in the process while performing specific functions. Not only a team of direct operators is working on the task, but anyone interested. With this approach the managers are not just setting a task and wait for it to be solved but are involved with the team, performing a much wider range of functions than just execution monitoring.

With Scrum framework, we have significantly improved the quality of project management and improved customer satisfaction.

5. The EBRD grant for the company’s development was won.

Our company is growing rapidly, we are constantly improving the quality of our services and aim for offering the best product in the language services market. We put a lot of effort to achieve this goal: we learn, cooperate with the advisors, invest in our development and — win the grants. In 2017, we were awarded a grant for business systematization by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Though at first glance it may appear that it’s impossible to win such grants without difficult bureaucratic procedures, it is in fact rather easy to get financial help for the development of your business.

To get an EBRD grant the following steps should be taken:

1. Find out if your company conforms to the EBRD requirements; among other things, it should be a small or medium business.

2. Contact the EBRD advisors.

3. Define your business need.

4. Pick a Ukrainian expert.

5. Manage your project.

6. Obtain results.

7. Report to the EBRD.

8. Get the grant specified during the second stage.

We have travelled this path all along, and now we’re about to finish the journey for the second time. Our business indicators are improving, the company is developing, the quality of services has improved and keeps rising.

If you want to leverage our experience in business systematization, marketing and sales, do not hesitate to contact us—we will gladly share our experience and explain how to start cooperation with the EBRD.

For more detailed information about the EBRD EU4Business initiative, visit the link.

What’s next?

Goals for this year have been defined, and we are already navigating towards them. What lies ahead? The switch to process management logic, the introduction of state-of-the-art translation software, geographic growth and many interesting projects.

If you want to know the details regarding the implementation of any of points we talked about or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us — and we will be pleased to share our best practices with you.