Dear customers!

I am glad to announce that on June 1 we are introducing Trados software in our work. This will allow us to provide you with a discount on translation and to increase its value with each new order.

Until the end of summer this approach will be possible for selective projects in a test mode. In the autumn we will be happy to offer this approach for most projects in editable file formats (Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF), apart from scanned documents.

Learn more about work of the Trados technology by following the link.

Starting from June 1 “word” will be used as a unit of the cost calculation instead of the previously used “account page = 1800 characters with spaces.”

This change is necessary in relation to transition to the European standards of translation. It will make the cost calculation easier and more intuitive.

Thank you for your trust and wish you a successful week.

Iuriy Tsvierkun, Profpereklad director