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What if you have spilled coffee on your birth certificate or lost your marriage certificate, what do you do? Well, there is only one thing you can do: discover your documents.

Discovery of documents is a procedure that allows the obtaining of document duplicates from the authorities that initially issued them (department for state registration of civil status, court, archive, ministry, etc.).

This procedure is usually necessary when:

  • documents are damaged or original document is lost;
  • it is necessary to obtain documents in a new format or with a “fresh” date of issue;
  • for affixing an apostille or legalization of documents (for instance, in the case when the original is laminated, such a document is not accepted by the ministry).

Recently, for example, a woman came to our office. She said she was planning to immigrate to Germany hence she needed an apostille affixed on her birth certificate. However, she did not know that Germany does not accept old (Soviet) format birth certificates.

Discovery of documents can be the solution to many problems

Obviously, it was easy for us to obtain her birth certificate in the new format with a “fresh” date from the state department for registration of civil status without delay and thereby help the client prepare her documents on time so she could travel abroad.

If you need a fast and quality discovery of a document (be it in Kyiv or any other city), get in touch with Proftranslation language service provider. We work not only with Ukrainian but also with foreign authorities, and that is why we can help you resolve any problem related to discovery of documents. For that, all you need to do is:

  • inform us of the name of the document and send us a copy (if available);
  • provide us the data of the person in whose name the document was issued;
  • inform us what authority issued the document and the date of issue;
  • obtain a power of attorney from a notary public in the name of Proftranslation employees, and with this, too, we will certainly help you.

With Proftranslation the loss of even the most vital document will no longer be your problem, as we will resolve it for you. Pricing and processing times for discovery of documents are indicated in the table below.


Document Pricing Processing time
Discovery of documents issued by the state department for registration of civil status in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine:
- birth certificate;
- marriage certificate;
- divorce certificate;
- death certificate;
- name change certificate;
- extract from the state department for registration of civil status
from 280 UAH from 1 day
Replacing Discovery of documents in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan from 2000 UAH from 30 days


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