Courier Delivery

You want to order a translation or another service with us, but you do not have time to drop by our office or you are not located in Kyiv, and you are in another city or even maybe in a different country? Distance is not an obstacle in the way of our collaboration!

Besides having an order online service for any of our services, we offer a courier delivery option to any address and within any time frame.

If you want to order a courier delivery of documents in Kyiv, within Ukraine or abroad, all you need to do is get in touch with us by any convenient way (phone, email or Skype) indicated below.

The price of the courier delivery at our company depends on the destination (Kyiv, regional centre or another country) and the speed of delivery (express or regular). Indicative prices are listed below, you can contact our managers and they will be able to provide you with the exact price for delivery. In addition, our managers will be able to advise you on how to send the original documents if these are required for apostille affixing or notarization.

We opt for only reliable and safe delivery service so you will not have to worry about your documents reaching you intact.

Thus, thanks to the courier delivery service offered by Proftranslation language service provider you can receive an emergency notarized translation without leaving your office. In addition, sending documents, for instance to your relatives or business partners in another city or country, becomes much simpler.

next day

60 UAH

same day

100 UAH

Regional Сentres
of Ukraine

1-2 days
from 30 UAH
Other cities
in Ukraine

1-2 days

from 30 UAH

at least 2

from 100 UAH