How much do translation services cost?

This question arises regardless of whether you need translation services on the regular or one-time basis. The cost of the translation services is of great importance for the client and it is one of the main criteria for selecting a translation bureau. However, sometimes it is hard for an ordinary person to figure out what influences the relevant price. We will tell you!

Our advantages when it comes to the calculation of the price

How is the cost of the translation services calculated
We use words as calculation basis, which is an internationally accepted practice
How is the cost of the translation services calculated
We always announce the final cost of the translation
How is the cost of the translation services calculated
When calculating the cost, we take into account the specifics of the subject
How is the cost of the translation services calculated
We provide quotes within 30 minutes on average

How is the cost of the translation services calculated?

There are three main factors that affect the cost of the translation services: languages, subject matter, and volume..

Two aspect of the language affect the final cost: the rarity of the language in Ukraine and the number of specialists in our country that speak the relevant language. For example, English and German are not considered rare, while Chinese and Hindi are accepted as such and are more expensive.

The subject matter of the translation, as a rule, also affects its cost. It is necessary to understand that a standard legal document is much easier to translate than, for example, a literary or highly specialised technical text. Fortunately, large number of staff and experience of our translators enable us to perform complex translations and localisation across a large number of topics.

Finally, the volume of the translation is the key factor affecting the cost. It is the latter that influences the price the most.

Translation bureaus often calculate the cost of a written translation differently: using the number of pages or words, the source text or the target text. It is important not to allow yourself to be misled. We will explain why below.

  1. A common misconception of many clients is to equate the number of translation pages to the number of actual pages in the original. The translation page is called conventional as it is calculated in most translation agencies by the number of characters (characters). A conventional translation page may contain 1000, 1800, 1860, and sometimes even 2000 characters depending on the translation agency. It is also important to emphasise that some bureaus include spaces in the calculation of characters, while some do not. Here is an example: the client’s source file contains 3800 characters with spaces and 3200 characters without spaces. Bureau A will calculate the price for 2 conventional pages, while Bureau B — for 3.2. You have to agree that such conventions give rise to manipulations and prevent clients from comparing offers on the translation market.
  2. At Profpereklad, we strive for maximum transparency and ease of collaboration with the clients. We have accepted international standards as the basis for calculation and calculate the volume of translation using the total number of words rather than conventional pages or characters — this method is much easier for customers to understand and it represents the most honest approach.
  3. In addition, different bureaus may determine the volume of the translation (using one of the aforementioned methods) based on the client’s source text or the text of the translation. The pitfall lies in the timing of provision of the final cost of the translation. This trick is used by many bureaus to increase their profits. Upon request, the customer is provided with a preliminary cost of the translation which is subject to recalculation upon completion of the order. Smells fishy, doesn’t it?
  4. We act differently. For us, the source is always the basis for calculation. We use this approach even for complex languages, such as Chinese, i.e. the cost of translation is negotiated with the client before the commencement of the works on the project, the cost is fixed, and it cannot be increased upon completion of the order. Meanwhile, it is imprudent for us to artificially overestimate the volume, since we can lose the client at the stage of negotiation. Therefore, you immediately understand how much you will have to pay and will not receive a “cat in the bag” offer.

How can you find out the cost of the translation?


You can find out the cost of the translation services by calling us (or ordering a callback), sending us an email or using the special form on our website in the “Get a quote” section. The speed and accuracy of our response will depend on whether you have a specific file for translation or a well-defined technical task for interpretation.

Your request for translation will be processed as soon as possible if the file for translation contains text and it is provided in an editable format. Editable file format implies that you can easily select and copy the text in the file after opening it. Editable files include Word, PDF (but not necessarily), Excel, and TXT. You can easily see the number of words in a Word document in the “Statistics” section. If your file represents a scanned copy, a picture or belongs to another format, also feel free to send it to us — we will process the text using special tools and calculate for you the exact number of words to be translated.

We also translate audio and video files. In this case, the text from the file is typed manually or extracted using special technical means, and then we determine the final cost.

We look forward to working with you and guarantee you a positive result.

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